Senate Confirmation Process Update – Will the FERC Quorum be Restored Today? (Spoiler: Only Time Will Tell…)


At 11:45 A.M. today, the Senate will begin considering Dan Brouillette to be Deputy Secretary of Energy.  Mr. Brouillette participated in the same committee confirmation hearing as prospective Commissioners Ronald Powelson and Neil Chatterjee in late May.  Having now cleared more high profile nominations such as Director of the FBI, a position on the NLRB, federal judicial posts and many military posts, it may finally be the time that we see the FERC’s quorum restored.   At least one official Senate website is posting that “additional votes are possible during Thursday’s session.” 

No one is expecting controversy on these two candidates.  I, for one, am surprised it has taken this long, considering (i) that Mr. Chatterjee was sponsored by the Majority Leader, Senator McConnell, and (ii) the economic development that is being held up by a failure of FERC to move swiftly on pending infrastructure applications.

The Congressional Record today also officially acknowledges the receipt of the nominations of Richard Glick and Kenneth McIntyre from the White House.  As expected, Mr. McIntyre will be considered for two terms, one expiring June 2018, and the other in June 2023.  The Energy and Natural Resources Committee has scheduled (link here) a committee meeting to consider these nominations on September 7, 2017.   



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