Glick Sworn In As McIntyre Waits

Richard Glick was sworn in as a Commissioner at FERC this morning, according to a FERC press release.  His term will expire in June 2022.   Mr. Glick will join Cheryl LaFleur as the Commission’s Democratic presence.

Kevin McIntyre is still waiting in the wings to take his seat as a Commissioner and Chairman.  As of this morning, he is still listed on the Jones Day website as a partner and energy practice leader.  While some have developed intricate conspiracy theories related to current Chairman Chatterjee’s pro-Administration position on the Grid Resiliency and Pricing Rule (Docket No. RM18-1, which will see action by December 11th), Mr. Chatterjee himself is simply chalking up the delay to completion of paperwork and Mr. McIntyre unwinding his professional obligations.

As a practitioner, it has been great to see the Commission back in action, and clearing its significant backlog of orders caused by the lack of quorum.  With a tax bill and budget showdown looming, it would be a shame to have that progress hindered by a Federal government shutdown, which could occur at midnight on December 8th.

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